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The petition text reads:

To: Israeli Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office

I write to you on behalf of Mohammed Suleiman, Ammar Souf, Mohammed Kleib, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi – five Palestinian teenagers who are being held in an Israeli adult military prison charged with 20 counts of attempted murder for alleged stone-throwing and 5 counts of stone-throwing following a car accident on Road 5 on March 14, 2013.

These boys – who are only 16-17 years old – are beloved members in their community. I am convinced from the accounts of the boys’ families that they were wrongfully charged with “stone-throwing” and “attempted murder”. I am also convinced that they are being prosecuted unlawfully through the military court system due to allegations of torture and mistreatment during their arrests, detention, and interrogation.

I therefore request that you immediately release these five boys and dismiss all charges against them. I also request an investigation into the actions of the Israeli military, police, and interrogators following their arrests.

Child arrests, particularly accompanied with coerced confessions and torture, and arbitrary trials under the military court are an affront to justice. I, and many others, protest the imprisonment of the Hares Boys and the ongoing abuse of Palestinian children.

[Your name]

33 thoughts on “Sign the Petition!

  1. Everyone knows so-called “eye-witness testimony” isn’t viable enough to convict on. A REAL Jew would not do to another what they wouldn’t want done to them. And remember, bearing false witness is a serious crime against G-d.


  2. Please free the five teenagers. To arrest them on a whim and without eyewitnesses is unjust. In the eyes of world opinion your duty is to provide a righteous legal mandate.


  3. Libérez ces 5 enfants. Il est inhumain de détruire leur vie, de les torturer pour leur extorquer des aveux.
    Israël devient de moins en moins crédible avec ce genre de procédé.


    • Thank you Naomi for sharing this. It is indeed sickening how the Israeli military occupation system treats Palestinian children. Their sole “crime” was to be born in a certain place at a certain time. We must challenge this grave injustice – as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins – and first of all, as human beings.


  4. We must ensure that our politicians are fully aware of Israel’s ill-treatment and infringement of international law under military occupation. Most importantly we have to expose how they cannot choose commerce over human rights indefinitely.


  5. As well as signing the petition, we must ensure that our MPs are fully aware of how Israel is ill-treating young Palestinians (and indeed how many adult Palestinians are imprisoned) – some for long periods without charge – under the military occupation. Our government must no longer get away with choosing trade and commerce over human rights and international law.


  6. With their swanky suits and university degrees and bulging wallets, Israelis and their supporters would have us believe that they are the most civilised mortals on the planet instead of which they are the most ugly, evil, disgusting, greedy, thieving, poisonous, lying gang of thugs one is ever likely to have the misfortune to come across in a lifetime. Their brutality, cowardice and malevolence makes one want to vomit. Nauseating child torturers.


  7. liberté,pour tout les palestiniens,victime d’un génocide international,la palestine au palestiniens,fuck,l’état sioniste,fuch isra-merde


  8. This conflict will never be resolved as long as children are treated like political footballs rather than humans who deserve to be supported and loved.


  9. This just goes to show that “Occupied Palestine” can get away with anything. More and more people are seeing the zionists for what they are !!


  10. Israels violations of human rights must stop with immediate effect.The intimidation and coercion which is manifest in the UN must be eliminated .As long as Israels oppressive hand dominates the UN, it will not fulfil the purpose it was established for


  11. Our poor Palestinian brothers and sisters! How do u survive the illegal occupation of ur land by thse dogs. Now they r taking ur children off u. If they are not killing them, they are torturing them. May Allah save u from the cursed jews


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