Ali in May 2014, after 14 months in Israeli dungeons:

Ali Shamlawi

The first picture Ali sent his parents from prison, May 2013:


Ali’s mother, Um Fadi, in her youngest son’s room that is now empty:

Ali's mother in his empty room

Ali on a family day out, before being put in prison:

Ali on a day out

Message from Ali in prison, via his mother:

Ali sends his regards to all supporters and who are in solidarity with him in the world.

He knows that there is injustice in this life, but he also knows that there is justice, and there are good people who love peace and justice.

He longs to see his brothers and his only sister, who he has not seen since he was arrested in March where they are barred from visiting him because Israel didn’t give them permits to visit him in prison.

When I saw Ali, he was sad because the new school year has begun, and he cried when he asked me ‘Has the new academic year begun at school?’ He was in the eleventh grade. He longs to see his friends and his books and his seat at school. He misses the football team the Dabkeh team, of which he is a member. He feels bored.He appeals to his supporters to stay with him until he comes out of this nightmare and return to his studies, his family and his friends. He asks you to continue to provide support and assistance.

He said he is innocent of all the charges that he faces. He is a child, no older than 16 years, and he didn’t like to hurt anyone – he is afraid to kill an insect, how could he try to kill a human?

Whenever I see him, he doesn’t speak as much as cry!

Ali now spends his time in the prison. He is lonely, crying, doesn’t see the sun and the air, doesn’t play like the world’s other children, doesn’t live his childhood as it should be.

Who could believe that a 16 year old child, is facing this agony and pain!

September 2013

Hares Boys

Mohammed Kleib

Mohammed Suleiman

Ammar Souf

Tamer Souf

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