Campaign leaflets (PDF Front Side and Reverse side):


Presentation about Hares Boys – in school, university, local community centre, or a squat. Please feel free to use this website to compile a discussion or a slideshow about the Hares Boys, connecting it to the mass incarceration of minors by Israel as well as the global prison industrial complex.

Throw a fundraiser. Through a dinner party, film screening, art or music show. Through suggested donations for entrance or proceeds from the bar every contribution can help contribute to the legal fees of the Hares 5.

Plan a march to your local Israeli embassy… All you need is a group of people! Marches can have very clear messaging through good visuals with signs and banners.

De-shelving! This is when you remove Israeli goods from the shelf of a store because of their support for apartheid and the incarceration and torture of children.

Street Theater! A friendly and entertaining way to educate people. Flashdance in a store or Flashdance for the public. Documentation through photo and video is incredibly important for these actions, for not only do all the people during the event experience this lesson – so do others.

Organize a noise demo outside your local prison with signs and literature about the Hares Boys. Organize a group of friends to go outside a prison of your choice and let folks inside know we haven’t forgotten about them – by making a ton of noise! While supporting those inside connect your local branch of incarceration to the prison industrial complex while educating people about Hares Boys and what is happening to the youth of Palestine.

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