BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions)
Global movement for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights

First and foremost, boycott G4S, the British-Danish ‘security’ conglomerate which is complicit in Israel’s crimes against humanity, against Palestinian people.

G4S is also complicit in torture of children – and seems not to be too concerned about it.

G4S equips Israeli prisons with their ‘security’ needs and systems. It’s in these G4S-equipped prisons (al-Jalame and Megiddo) that the Hares Boys have been tortured and are still being held.

G4S also profiteers from Israel’s Apartheid Wall, apartheid checkpoints, and occupation military and police.

For more info and what you can do to oppose G4S and its crimes against Palestinian people, and Palestinian children in particular, check out StopG4S.

Economic Resistance
Quite a few businesses make huge amounts of money from the crimes Israel commits against the Palestinian people.

You are being sold things stolen from Palestinian people, created with violence against Palestinian people. Paying attention to what you buy is one simple way we can fight the occupation. Boycotting means you are joining the growing number of people across the world doing the same, forcing Israel to start respecting international law by hurting its ability to make profits. Sticking together like this makes us stronger!

How can you tell what items need to be avoided? If its barcode starts with 729 then leave it on the shelf or, better, tell the shopkeeper why you won’t buy it. Doing that builds confidence in your actions and makes others think about being alongside you.

Check out the popular consumer boycott campaigns targeting companies such as CocaColaCarmel AgrexcoSabraAhavaBen & Jerry’s, Eden Springs, Motorola and Sodastream.

Beginning to win looks like us saying “No!” to 729.

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