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2nd Anniversary Free The Hares Boys! London Palestine Action – London, 13 March 2015

On the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the Hares Boys’ incarceration, Ali Shamlawi’s mother Nemeh addresses the world [Arabic, English translation below]:

“Tomorrow will be two years since my son was arrested, along with four other children. Nothing new has happened in the last two years- we go to the court and come back empty handed. They keep postponing the trial and we don’t know why. Many people have heard about my son Ali Shamlawi and the other four but many people don’t know that those children are innocent. They accuse them of wrongdoing based on the Israeli government request. I know for sure my son is innocent.

I miss my son so much. The last two years were a very difficult time for me. I am asking anybody… I am inviting anyone who wants to come, they are welcome to come and witness the trial. I especially ask people from embassies all around the world – even the Israeli embassy – so the kids won’t be indicted by the Israeli government for wrongdoing because what they accuse them of are made up charges. They are accusing them of 25 charges; 20 of them are attempted murder but none of those people died in the accident that happened.

I am asking all activists to continue their support for Ali and his friends. And also welcoming the protests in Europe so they can put pressure on the Israeli government to let our kids come home- Those kids lost their childhood. I want him to come home and to come to continue his education.

I want to see him growing up. Many times when I see my son in prison, I feel pain and sorrow. It is so difficult for me not to be able to hug him or touch him. It is very difficult for any human being to see his child growing up and be far away from him. Two years of my son’s life went by and instead of him dreaming like any other child, instead of dreaming of a future, he is dreaming of getting out of prison.

I thank anybody, any human being, who stands with us and with the children of Hares.”

Free the Hares Boys! Thanks William D. Clarke!

London for the Hares Boys, 13 March 2015. Thank you London, thank you Inminds-Boycott Israel!

Hares Boys’ Mother Speak [ENGLISH/ARABIC]:

Madres Chicos de Hares [SPANISH/CASTELLANO]:

Ali Shamlawi’s parents Um Fadi and Abu Fadi describe how their son has been tortured upon arrest and detention:

Video of Um Fadi’s appearance at the British House of Commons (June 2014):

Message of support to the Hares Boys from Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak, who was held in Israeli prisons for 3 years and got his freedom back after going on a hunger strike. Thank you Mahmoud!

G4S Protest London HQ 30 Aug 2013:

Britain’s Baroness Jenny Tonge on the horrific treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons and G4S’ complicity in these crimes:

Protest against G4S, London 22 July 2013:

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