Israeli military courts are where Palestinian children are put on trial. Learn more about:

Minors in Military Courts
Since the year 2000, more than 7,000 Palestinian children have been prosecuted in Israeli military courts. Physical, verbal, and psychological abuse against detained children is widespread and treated with impunity within the system. The conviction rate for Palestinian children in Israeli military courts is 99.74%.

Institution Map
Palestinian detainees, including children, are held in 4 interrogation centers, 4 military detention centers, and some 17 prisons. With the exception of 4 military interrogation centres and one prison (Ofer), all these institutions are located within 1948 borders of Israel. The transfer of detainees to locations within the occupying power’s territory is a war crime.

One Minute to Say “I Love You, My Son”

“If parents came closer to their child, they were ushered back,” a human rights activist’s account on her visit at the Salem Military Court together with the family of a youngster on trial.

6 thoughts on “Military Courts

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  4. UN and the international community must intervene now to get Justice for the Hare Boys.Children must NOT be judge in military court, they are not subject to military law.
    Israel must be brought to justice, we can not tolerate more impunity!

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