London Palestine Action for the Hares Boys, 13 March 2015:

London for the Hares Boys, 13 March 2015. Thank you London, thank you Inminds-Boycott Israel!

Chile for the Hares Boys, Chile for Palestine, 7 March 2015. Gracias CHILE!!!

VIDEO [SPANISH/CASTELLANO]: Madres Chicos de Hares

A multimedia summary of the Hares Boys case:

“How did we get from a car accident… To five kids in prison?”

The following presentation was shown during Ali’s mother’s meeting with British MPs in June 2014 and points out logical points regarding the time of the settler car accident following which the Hares Boys were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation, initial testimonies by those involved, and insurance claims. It was prepared by individual members of Watford Friends of Salfeet.

Please feel free to download, use, and share (PowerPoint):

How did we get from here

Um Fadi, Ali Shamlawi’s mother, on a speaking tour in the UK:

Video of Um Fadi’s appearance at the British House of Commons:

Hares Boys’ mothers speak:

This is how the Hares Boys look in Megiddo prison in May 2014, after more than 14 months of incarceration under trumped-up charges:

 Ali Shamlawi Mohammed Kleib
Tamer Souf Mohammed Suleiman Ammar Souf

May is the one month when Palestinians whom Israel holds prisoners in its dungeons – including children, including the Hares Boys – can send their families a couple of photos of themselves in prison.

17 April is Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

Hares Boys should be at school, not in prison.

Ali Shamlawi’s father in his son’s classroom:

Hares Boys School 1

Hares Boys School 2

The brilliant political cartoonist Carlos Latuff has created this image for the Hares Boys campaign. Many thanks to Carlos! Please feel free to use it on posters / flyers / other campaign material, and share it on social media. You can find more of Carlos’ work here.

Hares Boys young Palestinian prisoners

Message of support to the Hares Boys from Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak, who has been held in Israeli prisons for 3 years and got his freedom back only after going on a hunger strike. Thank you Mahmoud!

Protest for justice for Palestinians held in Israel’s military prisons. London, 30 August 2013:

Baroness Jenny Tonge on the horrific treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons and G4S’ complicity in these crimes:

Some photos from the event below, more here: London Protest 30 August 2013.

Ali Shamlawi’s parents Um Fadi and Abu Fadi describe how their son has been tortured upon arrest and detention:


Print-friendly PDFs: Front side and Reverse side

Protest at G4S headquarters in London, 22 July 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended and made it clear to G4S that complicity in the torture of children goes against our nature as human beings. The Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak (below), whom Israel also kept in one of its prisons for 3 years without charges, also attended. Many thanks to Mahmoud!

Mahmoud Sarsak 2

Mahmoud Sarsak 1G4S 4

G4S 1 G4S 2G4S 3   G4S 5 G4S 6

Video from the protest:

Photos of the Hares Boys and their families:

Graphic representations of the criminalization of children:

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