On 18 November 2014, in New York City, gathered a group of people of conscience.

Presented with the case of the Hares Boys, they then wrote letters to the boys’ mothers. They wrote by hand and from the heart. Here are these letters (.pdf), addressed to:

Ferial, Mother of Mohammed Suleiman

Nadwa, Mother of Mohammed Kleib

Nemeh, Mother of Ali Shamlawi

Samar, Mother of Ammar Souf

Watfa, Mother of Tamer Souf

A huge thanks to everyone who participated. If you wish to organise a similar activity in your own area, or if you want to send individual letters to the Hares Boys or their families, please do not hesitate to contact us. Letters can also be sent directly to Israeli occupation prison Megiddo, where the boys are being held (although there is no guarantee prison/spy agency staff would not read what you wrote). Message us for the address.

The event in NYC was organised by The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home. Mumia Abu-Jamal is a truth-telling journalist and political prisoner, serving “life without parole” sentence in a Pennsylvania (US) prison after spending 30 years on death row. His trials “systematically denied him due process, involving prosecutors’ withholding of evidence, racial bias in juror selection and a judge’s rampant bias”.

May justice prevail and Mumia is free.

May justice prevail and the Hares Boys are free.

May justice prevail and all the world’s political prisoners are free.

7 thoughts on “Hand-Write Letter of Support

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    • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and actions.

      You can write to the Hares Boys at the following address:
      Beit Soher Megiddo
      P.O. Box 2424

      Please be aware that it is very likely that the Israeli Prison Service would open your letters before forwarding them to the kids. We hope, however, that they would reach the boys in any case – IPS runs occupation prisons after all and does not respect the rights of prisoners, including to send and receive mail. However your gesture is very human and we hope the Hares Boys will be able to read your letters.

      Thank you so much Christine.


  2. I am going to send them some little prayer books and some chocolate, pray to god that they will receive these items, can you tell me please if there is any change in the address above?
    Thank you in advance


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