On 12 March 2015, British member of parliament John McDonnell MP tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) No.868 regarding detention and treatment of the Hares Boys. Here is the text in full:


That this House notes that 15 March 2015, Mothering Sunday in the UK, marks the second anniversary of the arrest of five 16-year-old Palestinian boys from the village of Hares; condemns their having been dragged out of their homes at 3am by Israeli soldiers with attack dogs, taken without explanation to an adult prison, denied lawyers, tortured physically and psychologically and each put in solitary confinement until they allegedly confessed to crimes they did not commit such as stone-throwing and attempted murder; further condemns this breach of Israeli law, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 76 of the 4th Geneva Convention; and calls on the Government to honour Ms Um Fadi, who spoke in the House at a public meeting in 2014, and the other mothers and families of the five boys who have campaigned tirelessly for their release by doing all it can to get the Israeli government to return the boys to their families without further delay.

We thank Mr John McDonnell MP for his concern and work for justice, as we thank all other MPs who signed the motion. We need more MP signatures, however, for this document to gather more power in the British Parliament.

Please, if you possess a British passport, consider contacting your MP and asking them to sign it. Here’s a draft version: Contact MP but please feel free to write your own, or just ask your MP to sign the EDM 868.


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