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This year, Sunday 15th March will mark 2 years since 5 teenage boys from the village of Hares, Palestine, were kidnapped from their homes, abused and violently interrogated, and locked in an Israeli prison. All for something they didn’t do.

It began on 14th March 2013, after a car accident resulting in some serious injuries for its passengers was allegedly caused by Palestinian youths throwing stones at the vehicle; except that there is no evidence to suggest that stone-throwing took place at all.

That same night, Israeli army stormed the villages of Hares and Kifl Hares and detained 19 Palestinian youths. Obtaining their “confessions” through interrogation and ill-treatment, some of these youths were eventually released. Five of them, however, are still incarcerated to this day. These are the Hares Boys.

Should the Israeli military courts get their way, the Hares Boys will face long years in prison for a “crime” that carries no evidence of their supposed guilt and which all the boys deny.

To mark the 2 years since the boys’ incarceration, we are calling on campaigners around the world to devise local actions aimed at raising the profile of the case of the Hare Boys and by doing so, put pressure on the Israeli occupation to respect the principles of justice and release these kids from prison.

We invite you to organise leafleting, vigils and protests, boycott actions, petitioning and letter-writing, talks and film screenings.

The on-going fight against Israeli military aggression and occupation is getting stronger with every new atrocity the apartheid state commits; it matters to vocalise opposition to the continuing injustices the Hares Boys – and, by extension, all Palestinian children in Israeli military prisons – face daily, in order to prevent these dangerous precedents from taking place at all.

Join the fight against oppression. Stand on the side of justice.

For more information, see:
Website: haresboys.wordpress.com
Facebook: Free the Hares Boys
Twitter: @HaresBoys

15 thoughts on “CALL-OUT: 2nd Anniversary Solidarity Action

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  2. A few years back I was in a village close to Hares when I saw a 10 yo boy grabbed by a passing Israeli army jeep.
    The soldiers roughed him but stopped when I approached. The soldiers told me he had been throwing stones at cars shortly before. I had been there all day and for the last two or three hours had been watching the boy sitting next an old man talking. When I told them this the soldier changes his story and said the boy had planted a bomb on the road the day before. They took the boy away in their jeep. I spoke to the IWPS who were in Hares at the time and they called the district military commander to complain. The next day the boy was released with no explanation. The point of this story?
    Kids get abducted and beaten up everyday in the OPTs by the Israeli army on charges that are pure fantasy.
    The Hares boys should be released!

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    • Thanks for sharing this story with us, Mr B.

      Having witnessed such trumped-up charges ourselves, we can testify that under Israeli colonial military rule, one is guilty simply for being Palestinian. Everything else is pure circus for the outside world, to pretend that there is “justice” where there never has been any.

      And that is why Israeli occupation jails are full of Palestinians held there as political prisoners, with their rights denied by the occupier that operates with total impunity.

      #FreePalestinianPrisoners – and start with the children!


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    • “A”,

      What evidence do you have to support your claims of a “murder”? Please be aware that Zionist media reports are not evidence.

      And why do you even use the word “murder”? Adele Biton died in an Israeli hospital of pneumonia. Is this what you are referring to?

      If it wasn’t Israeli military courts where the Palestinian teenagers are being “tried” but rather a real court of justice that respects the rule of law, human rights, and the universal principle of presumption of innocence, the Hares Boys would have been free a long time ago. But here we are, two years on. Given all the other crimes of Israel, this is not at all surprising.


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